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Friday, July 2, 2010

Kimono Doll and Cernit

After two unproductive and lethargic weeks, I finally decided to put my hands on a couple of craft projects again. 

I placed an express order for some flesh tone Cernit clay and sculpted this long-haired doll in kimono. Strictly speaking, she is not a genuine kimono doll because her kimono is simply a robe that may have a remote resemblance to an unlined one.  I'll settle for the style of simplicity for now.;-)

Originally, I planned to make a petite doll of the orient to complement the lovely chair I got as a giveaway gift from Bear Cabin Minatures. As a result of miscalculation and my fledgling skill as a miniaturist, the doll turns out to be close to 6" tall.  She looks humongous to stand next to the chair, let alone sitting on it. Oops!

Currently, I have a language exchange partner in Japan.  Yes, I'm learning Japanese! I took the opportunity to get her comments on the doll.  She asked if this is a female. Being quite honest and forthcoming, she said her facial features are feminine, her figure looks like a male.  LOL! Anyway, I've just listed both the doll and the kitty cat on eBay.

Cernit clay is a challenge to me because it is very sensitive to heat from my hand or fingers. Once baked, the skin tone looks more translucent than even Prosculpt.  I love it despite the difficulty of handling.  Certainly, I'll experiment more with it later.