Needle Felting Tutorials on the Internet

Info Article 1 - Needle Felting Basics and Tutorials for Sharing

Thanks to the wonderful spirit of sharing, we can find a lot of useful tutorials on needle felting on the internet.  This will save beginners a lot of money as we can choose not to buy expensive pre-packaged kits.  However, it may take longer to learn the techniques on one's own.  Depending on your learning preference and style, the fun of exploring can sometimes be more rewarding to certain people, me included.

Here are some links on needle felting that I'd like to share with you.

I watched this video three times when I first started felting.  I love the comment that needle felting probably has saved some marriages ;o)

This is a series of tutorials on felting a beagle from Ben Mcfuzzylugs' blog.

Some basics on handling felting needle and roving wool

More on needle felting basic techniques.

Video on wrapping wool round a wire body frame

Needle felting demo on steroid

Last time I checked, all these links were still working.  If you're reading this page, you probably are interested in felting your first...

Be careful, felting needles are very sharp.  Beware also, needle felting can become very addictive...

Louise xo