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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and My Witch Doll

After spending quite some time in trying to figure out how to make my Etsy listings more searchable by search engines, I changed my Etsy shop title and announcement according to some tips posted on the Internet.  At first, it seemed to be working quite well.  One of my needle felted items showed up among the top 10 results.  The next day, I did the same search for that same item, voila, it was nowhere to be found in the first 3 results pages.  Oh well, doesn't really matter and I declare to give up. :-)


Throughout the years, I've been buying craft materials on impulse and never got around to using them.  Lately when I took inventory, I found several porcelain-like lady faces that people usually use for making brooches.  I decided to make a witch doll out of it using the wool curls I got last week and the suede leather I got almost 7 years ago!  Here is my white as a ghost witch listed on Etsy::

I sculpted the other face from polymer clay.  Man, she looks so ugly, scary and dirty (not intentional to make it a dirty witch though :-))
In any case, it feels good to begin to deplete my stock of craft materials. 


  1. I love them both- but I really love the one you sculpted- she looks like she is concentrating hard on a spell! Great work!!

  2. Thanks Kim! You made my day with your encouraging remarks!


  3. I had to chuckle about the seo optimization dilemma...I feel your pain! LOL! It seems there are a million "here's what you should do" ideas and none of them seem to be working! :)

    Great artistry by the way!

  4. You're so right, none of the tips ever truly worked! :-(