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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ambivalence about Ebay

Since eBay started the 100 free listings per month as long as the item is less than $1, I really find it difficult to find anything to sell through it.  I refer to not just my handcrafts but also the stuff that I want to rid of from around the house.

Last week, I auctioned some overstocked black eye beads for 99 cents.  The responses were amazing with a total of 6 bidders.  Final price became $3.32 plus shipping.  I can't quite understand what it is that propels the same bidders to engage in the competition to win.  I once tried to bid on a double pack of clear stamps starting at $0.99 and then determined not to be outbid.  I ended up paying about 3 bucks as the highest bidder.  Though $3 is really a drop in the bucket, the craziness that made me rapidly increase my bids during the last 3 minutes of auction was unexplainable...

I just listed a needle felted kitty at a sale price on eBay for a 3-day auction and temporarily took it off from Etsy to take advantage of the free listing regardless of starting price till June 1.  I'll busy myself to find all the "unwanted" stuff to sell on eBay between now and next Tuesday, as a clean house effort. :-)


  1. I am not selling much through Ebay anymore. I find the fees too high, especially if the item is paid through paypal because they take a cut too. I have 'given away' so many items by selling at 99p :0( But Ebay can increase publicity because I pop cards with my etsy store address in each parcel!!

    Good luck for Kitty sale, I hope you get lots of last minutue bidders pushing the final price up, your work is definately worth it, I love my cat from you. You can put a link in your sidebar to your Ebay page for Kitty, go to gadgets, click on add picture and pop a photo in, you can add your ebay page address by copying the web address for your ebay page and adding it in the links part of that gadget. People will then be able to go straight to your ebay sales from your blog. Hope this is helpful :0)
    Julia xxx

  2. Hi Julia,

    Thanks so much for the tip on how to offer a link in my sidebar to my eBay sale! Your instructions are always so helpful and easy to follow! Truth is I'm a bit embarrassed about the items I recently put on eBay, couple of them are experimental attempts. I worry about getting negative feedback...

    Anyway, I hope you'll have a great weekend. I'll entertain my in-laws with BBQ tomorrow night. As they'll stay over for the night, all the craft materials and junk have got to be moved out of the guest room. Sigh! Lots of cleaning to do.

    Louise xo