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Friday, June 4, 2010

No more witches for a while...

I sculpted two really scary looking witches in the past two weeks and felt relieved that both are sold!  I posted the first one in this blog earlier and here's the second witch:

It'll be a while before I make any further attempts at witches.  I'm afraid of receiving their misdirected spells and should stay away from churning out Frankenstein's creatures.

This week, I finished a polymer clay fish pond and needle felted a calico cat.  I enjoy both so I'd like to share them with you here.  Kitty is now being auctioned on eBay at

I was also very pleased having won an auction for a dollhouse dining room chair last Friday on eBay.  Once the chair arrived, I immediately and hastily replaced the original fabric with gingham.  Of course, I couldn't wait to use it as a prop in the kitty auction.  The chair is a bargain at $0.99 plus very reasonable shipping charge.

My goal for the next week is to felt a tiny cat with b/w coat and experiment with epoxy resin to make glass-like animal eyes.  I do anticipate both fun and frustration though. :-)


  1. Another lovely little kitty and your chair is fab :0)
    Julia x

  2. Enhorabuena por la venta de tus brujas
    El estanque y el gatito estan genial!!!
    Estoy deseando ver tus nuevos proyectos y en aprender a hacer ojos (no me salen bien... jejeje)
    besitos ascension

  3. Hi Julia,

    Thanks! Have a relaxing weekend!

    Louise xo

  4. Hi Ascension,

    Thanks! I tried making doll eyes before but it was a total disaster - none of them can go as a pair - all asymmetrical and not round. Shamelessly, I still used them in my sculptures, hee hee.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. The kitty is adorable and looks so playful. CM