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Friday, June 11, 2010

Totally side-tracked from crafts...

My original plan for the week to felt a teeny kitty and to fool around with epoxy resin got scrapped.  Among ALL other things done instead, I completed my application to become a freelance writer for Demand Studios.  My application was pre-approved because I had written several short "how-to" pieces for eHow a few months back and the latter was acquired by Demand Studios (DS) in April.  To continue to write "how-tos", I need to sign up with DS.

DS and eHow are both internet content aggregators that offer online public platforms for "netizens" who love to write and make a few extra dollars.  I've to add, they are also referred to by some as "content mills".  While eHow didn't pay writers directly (but offered ad revenue sharing based on some undisclosed algorithms relating to page traffic and such), DS in general pays writers a fixed flat fee for each article published.  The median rate is around $15 a piece.

I write about DS here because I thought of your great writing skill, your wit and passion for writing that I see in your blogs!  Since DS also accepts freelance writers from Canada and UK, perhaps when you have a bit extra time after blogging, you can write a piece or two for DS too. :-)  Just a thought!

Anyway, today I went through way too many forum posts from former, current, and potential DS freelancers.  On top of that, I got distracted and began to read posts from a forum on PublishAmerica.  Oh dear, my eyes really hurt!  I've got to go now...

Louise xo

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  1. Hi Louise,
    You won my giveaway :0)Details on my blog. Congrats, Julia xx