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Friday, June 18, 2010

My craft world is getting smaller?


Earlier this week, I got the most pleasant surprise because I was the lucky giveaway winner to receive Julia's beautiful Japanese willow upholstered chair.  When it arrives, I'm going to place it next to my computer monitor so that I can look at it often.  I'm sure such beauty is going to inspire me continuously on my future craft projects.  Thanks so much, Julia, for the generous giveaway!

While waiting for my muse chair to arrive, I simply felt lethargic to craft or do anything.  Does summer heat do this to "normal" people as well?  Eventually, I sculpted two quickie miniatures that are now being auctioned on eBay.  They are the giveaway kind of auctions at 99 cents each and perhaps a couple of pennies will be gained in the end if they are sold.

The new clay sculptures are much smaller than those that I used to make.  I thought to myself, well, I'm going from mini to micro.  It seems that my world is getting smaller and smaller without downing the "DRINK ME".

I got one other surprise this week.  It showed up in my mail box in the form of a hand-written note.  It was from a lady who bought my two-faced witch.  She was very sweet to mail me that note of appreciation because her computer had recently bitten the dust.  I hope the mishap has nothing to do with the two facer witch. ;-)

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